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At 14 Farm Land, our main objective is more than just making profit and we believe our success is measured beyond financial targets.

The positive contributions we can make to our lives, communities and the environment through good business is important to our success in the long run.
Our commitment to local input sourcing goes beyond ensuring supplies to creating sustainable partnerships with Co farmers, clients and the entire agribusiness community.

The highly qualified and experienced TEAM we have in the fields are a vital pillar for the survival of 14 Farm Land. We have agronomists who have been trained and worked in countries like Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa, Israel, Holland and Germany.
Professional CA, accountants and auditors are part of the team which determines financial progress of the company.

Efficient farm equipment managing team and machine operators have also helped in giving maximum output at minimum cost.

Working with technical and academic research institutions on research led focus on developing high yield seed varieties also links with regulatory agencies to ensure we provide highest seed yield.

The crop insurance and risk mitigation strategy protects our farms from losses and unforeseen weather hazards.

The occasional visitations to our farms by clients and partner institutions like banks are a powerful testimony of our great and sustainable link through the entire value chain process.