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About us

Our Farm

The farm is located in (Hoima District), which is 241kms from Kampala and has vast virgin land that has not been utilized for 3 decades due to financial constraints. The road network in this area has been improved and this makes it possible for one to travel from there to Kampala city in just three hours.

The Operation Utilities

Highly skilled agronomists, tractors, harrows, planters, and a commercial combined harvester, since the project has to be purely mechanized for effective productivity

Our company is focusing mainly on commercial crop production.

We supply seeds and encourage outgrowers to grow similar crop on behalf of the company .We provide necessary skills like agronomic practices “ land preparations, planting , farming techniques pests and disease control


14 Farm Land Intends to develop a stable and high quality white sorghum supply chain that will enable national beverage industries to substitute imported grains with locally produced white sorghum and increase incomes of local sorghum producers in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.